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14-day Challenge ....Reclaim Your Confidence



Reclaim Your Confidence -14 Day Challenge

Hi I'm Crystal Cunningham

Have you felt like something was missing from your life?

Well, to be honest, I knew exactly what it was but it was being blocked by fear, shame, and guilt.

It was my CONFIDENCE....something happened, I got robbed. 

How? Through life situations and negative encounters, started me to doubt who I was, what I could, and what I could have. 

I wonder if that's you too? 

In my new book “Rise Up in Hope”, I talk about the different strategies that I implemented to change my life.

The turning point for me, was when I decided to listen to the message that continuously whispered to me. “There's more to your life” I wanted to know what the MORE was. Grateful, I decided to inquire what that more was all about, and my life is genuinely unrecognizable today!

I wanted everything back that was taken from me, starting with my CONFIDENCE.

After dedicating two solid years towards my personal and spiritual growth, my entire life transformed before my very eyes.

The struggles I once had was no longer affecting me.

Every step that I took brought my level of Confidence Up, and increased it much more.

So, all the things I learned and the strategic power and moves I created for myself, I have been sharing them over the years. Who would not like to have inner peace, success, and financial prosperity?

I genuinely believe that many of us want it; they need the right guidance, tools, processes, and accountability YOU can have it.

Success started to show up in all areas of my life and business: speaking engagements, radio, and TV interview, book projects, coaching, and mentorship opportunities.

Because of what I learned and client's testimonies I KNOW that the 14-Day Reclaim Your Confidence Challenge is just for you!

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Reclaim Your Confidence

Day 1-4 The Investigation

* What has taken your confidence away?

* Who was involved in the crime? 

* What areas of your life have been affected by this experience? 

Day 5-9 Your Birth Rights

* Unlocking the treasure chest to your success. 

* Self-Image the woman in the mirror. 

* Being Unapologetic about your Divine Assignment. 

Day 6-14 The Verdict

* Repayment gaining YOUR possessions 

* Responsibility of OWNING your Confidence. 

* Rise up and execute and manifest the desires of your heart. 

  • The 14-Day Reclaim Your Confidence Challenge is designed for Coaches, Authors, Consultants, Speakers, Educators, Therapists, Students, Ministry Leaders, Career Professionals, Entrepreneurs

Anyone who’s ready to take back their confidence and "break out of their bubble” and become everything that they are destined to be! RYC is for those who are committed to confronting their Confidence, Self Esteem, and Self-Worth and are ready to make their mark in the world.

When you JOIN, here is what you will get.

Bonus Gifts - Reclaim Your Confidence -14 day Challenge

14- days of virtual Coaching with Crystal Cunningham (Valued at $1497)


I believe with everything in me that I have been chosen to empower and inspire Women of Faith of this century.  To rise up and reclaim all the things that's been stolen from us and generations prior. Make such an impact in our communities and the world we live in. 

Copy of my new book-set Rise Up in Hope plus 10 affirmation cards (Valued at $35 shipped to you)


Rise Up in Hope is a strategic guide that provides you nine simple steps on how to overcome setbacks, moments of disappointment, and failures — giving no more excuses to staying STUCK! Always remember that when there is life, there is still a ray of HOPE. 

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When you are growing and challenging your fears, doubts, and insecurities, you would want to be in space with other people that will help you channel those feelings appropriately. Cheer you on to embrace your success and prosperity.
In this group, you will find connections, resources, strategies all while rebuilding your confidence.