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Reclaim Your Confidence -14 Day Challenge

Hi I'm Crystal Cunningham

It was not long ago that my CONFIDENCE shallow that kept me in the space of shame. 

Through years I struggled with past failures and poor decision making.

I often had to wear the invisible mask so that others would not recognize the fear.

Through anger, bitterness, gossiping, and belittling others, I learned to cover up my insecurities. 

I felt that I failed at parenting and being a wife. 

There were so many days I barely wanted to look in the mirror. If there were another way to apply makeup, I would have NEVER looked into a mirror. 

My CONFIDENCE was completely gone! 

Whenever I would attempt to do something good for myself, I would hear, 

"Stop trying you know you will just fail."

"Nobody cares about you."

"Write a book; nobody's going to buy it." 

"Give it up nobody's gone to show up."

"Those people can pray but not you." 

"You are a high school drop out."

"Start the business and do what?'  

So I hid for a long time. 

Afraid to show up in my GREATNESS! 

I went along with other people's plans and desires while putting mine on the back burner. 

All the while, I was being a slave to the lies and living beneath my full potential. 

Until one day, I could not take it anymore, and I was about to burst if I sat there in silence. I finally spoke up and said something. 

It was like the chains came off...there was breaking away. 

Once I found my voice, I sprung into ACTION. 

Let me tell you it was LIBERATING...I mean real freedom. 

Everything that I had envisioned I started to execute. NO MORE FEAR.....and if it was around I surely didn't pay it any attention. 

The vision that once lied dormant in me became was alive! 

Within two weeks, I was able to host my real live event. It was a huge success. The room was standing room only. 

Now that was a MAJOR STEP in the right direction and what a better way to challenge me. 

From there, it has been like a waterfall that continues to flow. 

My speaking engagements are steadily growing, along with my coaching business. When my feet hit the stage, I KNOW that I belong there. 

Recently wrote my first book, "Rise Up in Hope," and made my first 7k from book sales. 

You talk about up-leveling your Confidence, and these things are the bonuses from reclaiming back my Confidence. 

Confidence is part of our birthright.  

My self-image is much higher.

My voice is heard now because I stood up for myself. 

Do not let the gift that God placed in you be undervalued.

Close your eyes and envision this with me, 

* Walking into a packed room and owning it no longer being fearful of rejection. 

* Feeling confident from the inside out. 

* Eliminating the negative self-talk at any given moment. 

* Pursuing your dreams and taking MASSIVE ACTION to manifest them. 

* Speaking confidently in various settings. 

* Living out your blessed best life PURPOSEFULLY. 

Fear and rejection tried to STOP me plenty of times. One day I became so bold and signed up to be a model in a fashion show. Yes, at forty, I began to take significant steps to come out from my comfort zone and the lies.  So, I auditioned at the last minute and was the last person. Was selected and did my stride in front of a room filled with over 300 people in the audience. Then I got bold and went back the next year and did it again, but this time the audience had doubled to 600. 

Saaaaayy what! 

That's right, heard me crystal clear. 

It was time to SHIFT gears and refocus my thoughts of me winning and conquering my fears. Now is the time for you as well. 

The days of being silent are over. 

No hiding the shadows of yesterday 

No more giving up on your dreams 

No more making excuses for not showing up

No more looking for approval from others. 

How did you make the change? 

I'm glad you asked...

In my new book Rise Up in Hope, I talk about the different strategies that I implemented to change my life. 

The turning point for me was when I decided to listen to the message that continuously whispered in me. There's more to your life. I wanted to know what the MORE was. Grateful, I decided to inquire what that more was all about. My life is genuinely unrecognizable today! 

I wanted everything back that was taken from me, starting with my CONFIDENCE. 

After a dedicating two solid years towards my personal and spiritual growth, my entire life transformed before my very eyes. 

The struggles I once had was no longer affected me. 

Every step that I took brought my level of Confidence would increase that much more. Movement helps manifest those types of results.  

Others started to identify the 'confidence factor," and they wanted in on it too. 

So, all the things I learned and strategic power moves I created for myself I have been sharing them now for over the years. Who would not like to have inner peace, success, and financial prosperity? 

I genuinely believe that many of us want it; they need the right guidance, tools, processes, and accountability YOU can have it. 

Success started to show up in all areas of my life and business: speaking engagements, radio, and TV interview, book projects, coaching, and mentorship opportunities. 

Because of what I learned and client's testimonies I KNOW that the 14-Day Reclaim Your Confidence Challenge is just for you! 

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Reclaim Your Confidence

Day 1-4 The Investigation

* What has taken your confidence away?

* Who was involved in the crime? 

* What areas of your life have been affected by this experience? 

Day 5-9 Your Birth Rights

* Unlocking the treasure chest to your success. 

* Self-Image the woman in the mirror. 

* Being Unapologetic about your Divine Assignment. 

Day 6-14 The Verdict

* Repayment gaining YOUR possessions 

* Responsibility of OWNING your Confidence. 

* Rise up and execute and manifest the desires of your heart. 

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