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My goal is to empower Women of Faith and ignite a passion for God's direction, to lead them into a life of their dreams. 


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Rise Up In Hope by Crystal Cunningham is a must read for all who have obstacles and challenges in seeing the big picture for their lives.  It is a collection of personal testimonies from the author along with encouragement and scripture on how to get past one’s obstacle.  Because people can relate to the transparency of others, this book can help them use the examples the author provided, apply to their own life, and take action on where they truly desire to see themselves becoming.  My favorite action step in the book was #6, PUSH with Passion.  The acronym that the author used was P-persistent, U-unstoppable, S-soar, H-high.   She stated that you have “You have to be willing to PUSH no matter what is staring you in the face.”  This alone can become your daily motivation in understanding that in order to reach your destiny and pursue your passions that you can’t stop pushing forward.  Persistence is key, because you can’t stop and you have to have an unstoppable mindset to soar higher than you ever have before.


Discovering Crystal


Crystal Cunningham is an inspiring Speaker, Coach, Author, Spiritual & Personal Development Strategist. She’s an unstoppable go-getter, dedicated to helping others become “Crystal Clear” in their life purpose and vision. Relatable and down-to-earth, she has also acquired a 19 year tenure with one of the top Fortune 500 Companies Verizon Wireless within the Telecommunications Industry. Her powerful message of hope combines with her life experience to empower and encourage people everywhere. 

As the CEO of Crystal Clear Communications & Consulting, Crystal has hosted a variety of forums for women throughout her community. These forums, such as the yearly Women’s Empowerment: Hats, Heels, & Lipstick and Crystallize Your Vision have enabled a variety of open and honest discussions regarding various issues, such as self-esteem, marriage, parenting, domestic violence, addiction, health, and finances. 

Crystal has experienced many different trials and tribulations within her youth, including teen pregnancy, runaway, abuse, and addiction. These experiences have developed her into a true woman of inspiration, who is helping others gain courage, confidence, and clarity within their own lives. Her first book, “Rise Up In Hope,” encourages readers to live in their power and freedom to have a “Crystal Clear” life. In it, she teaches the importance of owning your personal journey, and ridding yourself of excuses or blame that hold you back. She highlights ways to overcome life’s challenges and obstacles through faith, hope, and perseverance. 

Crystal has been a guest speaker for The Daughters of Inspiration, WomenPrenuer15, Play Time is Over, Breaking the Cycle Tour, 72 Hours of Power, and the Women on Fire Academy. In addition, she has been interviewed on WRPN Radio Network, also known as Power Praise, 1490 AM Gospel Radio Show, and Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom Blogtalk Radio. Crystal has also been featured on TrendSetters To TrendSetters Magazine, WILMA Magazine, Star News, and Coast 97.3 


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